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This is What Caneel Bay Looks Like Today.

Honeymoon Beach

I spent the day at the Caneel Bay Beach Club at Honeymoon Beach yesterday, and it was lovely. The staff was great, as were the services which included chair rentals, restrooms, and a full bar. (Cheers to that on my day off!) There are two ways to get to Honeymoon Beach these days. You can either hike in via the Lind Point Trail or take a taxi through Caneel. The taxi costs $6 per person, per way for guests ages 13 and up. We opted to take the taxi, and while doing so, I recorded what the ride looked like for all of you. This is currently the only way that you can check out the now-defunct Caneel Bay Resort from the inside.

As you will see in the video below, Caneel Bay Resort has remained relatively untouched since 2017. Its future is in limbo due to a pending federal court case. The next hearing for that case is Wednesday. I will let you know if anything new develops.

Want to learn more about what’s happening at Caneel Bay? Click one of the following links to learn more:

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  1. Debbie Sinex

    Thanks so much or that video – I’ve not been back in there since Irma and it is sad. As is this continuing fight. Was that Jurassic Park music?? :-).

  2. Jo Page Sicz

    Your summary onscreen as the video begins – NAILS IT.

    Is there a consensus as to what native St. Johnians want to see happen to Caneel? Their opinion should matter.

    • Jenn Manes

      I think everyone agrees that the private equity firm should not get the land. What happens beyond that is up for debate.

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  4. Michael lego

    It’s so sad to see this most incredible resort laying waste. I worked at Caneel and was there during Hugo. Me and some of the guys I worked with still stay in touch and would like to one day have a reunion there at Caneel. We know it wouldn’t be the same since they added air conditioning and TVs after Hugo but still what an incredible resort.

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