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Warm Up with These Inexpensive Flights!

Trunk Bay

I feel for you all. I really do. It is frigid and snowy in a large part of the country, and there is nothing fun about that. I am sure that many of you are dreaming of warmer weather, so perhaps a visit to St. John is in order?

I spent a good part of last night and this morning hunting for inexpensive flights from several airports throughout the country, and I am happy to report that I found SO MANY GREAT DEALS. Pretty much every airport was less than normal and for trips during the colder, winter months. It’s about time that the airlines calmed down and reduced their rates!

To find these fares, I used Google Flight’s Explore option. This allows you to choose either a weekend, one-week, or two-week trip over the next six months. For the purpose of this post, I chose a one-week trip over the next six months. This is a pretty easy and useful tool in my opinion. Simply visit and click Explore. Then put in your home airport in the first box and STT for the St. Thomas airport in the second box. In the box below, click Flexible Dates and choose “1-week in the next 6 months.” You can even search for nonstop only, one-stop, etc. Here is what I found:

Atlanta – Atlanta is notoriously expensive, so $561 roundtrip for a direct flight on Delta isn’t that bad.

Baltimore – I’m not a fan of Spirit, so I’d rather spend a bit more and take American. You can’t beat $400 roundtrip for a winter vacation! Now go ahead and find a last-minute discounted vacation rental!

Boston – You all will have to wait a bit warmer to get a good deal, but under $600 roundtrip isn’t bad these days!

Charlotte – Looks like your best deals are during the springtime too!

Chicago – Wow! Just wow! How can you not visit us at this price! Escape that frigid weather Chicago friends! Book that flight!

Cleveland – Only $228 roundtrip??! And on a decent airline?! Book it!

Dallas – This is one of our pricier ones, but it’s still not a terrible price for direct flights from Texas.

Grand Rapids – You can visit soon and for only about $400 roundtrip!

Houston – This is such a good price Houston!

Indianapolis – This is one of the best prices that I have seen from this part of the country in awhile. Escape the cold, folks!

Kansas City – Under $300 from KC? Yes, please!

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale – I may need a little vacay up in Florida with prices like this!

New York City  – Looks like American is the winner right here!

Orlando – I’m not a fan of Spirit, but it’s the only airline that offers direct flights out of Orlando.

Philadelphia – Yes, this is low compared to normal, but this is a bit too pricey out of Philly in my opinion.

Raleigh/Durham – More great prices out of North Carolina!

San Diego – Isn’t it crazy that it’s cheaper to fly from California than it is from Pennsylvania??! Come visit us West Coast friends!

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