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Environmental Cleanup to Begin at Caneel Bay Resort

Caneel Bay Resort remains in shambles. Image taken in December 2023.

Well folks, I finally have a positive update to share regarding the current state of the now-defunct Caneel Bay Resort.

The National Park recently announced that it will begin environmental cleanup at Caneel Bay this winter. The exact start date has yet to be announced.

Asbestos-containing materials have been found in various buildings, in piping systems and in hurricane-damaged roof debris found on the ground at the former Caneel Bay Resort. These materials “were judged to be not friable, meaning that it could not be crushed by hand and did not present an immediate risk to human health or the environment. However, many of the (asbestos-containing materials) are exposed to wind, rain, and sunlight, which are likely to weather or deteriorate the materials with time, increasing the potential for asbestos fibers to be released to the environment and present an exposure risk,” according to the National Park.

Lead-based paint and other hazards have also been found on the property.

Once work begins this winter, it is expected to last two to three weeks. The debris is expected to fill six 20-foot shipping containers and will be removed from the island. It will be disposed of in a permitted landfill in the continental United States, according to the National Park.

Anticipated future removal actions include the removal of contaminated soil in Caneel Bay’s landscaping, maintenance, and engineering area, as well as the removal of soil and waste from the landfill near Honeymoon Beach.

With regards to whether or not Caneel Bay will reopen as a resort, that remains to be seen. The land that Caneel Bay Resort sits on was supposed to become part of the Virgin Islands National Park on October 1st, however, that did not occur due to a messy federal court battle, which is essentially all about the definition of a “gift.” It’s pretty silly if you ask me, but that’s what’s happening. The latest document filed in this case was a mediation report that indicated both sides are at a complete impasse. The trial has been postponed indefinitely. It’s an unfortunate situation all around.

Want to know exactly what’s happening at Caneel Bay? Click the links below to get additional information.

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