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Here’s What’s Currently Happening on St. John!

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! I thought I would take a few minutes to share a little island update with all of you.

I am happy to report that the rain has finally stopped… thank goodness! Yes, we could always use some, but four straight days of soaking rain was a little much. We had some rain early Monday, which was followed by clouds, and it’s been sunny ever since!

We had so much rain that there continue to be little waterfalls around the island. The gut near Cinnamon Bay has had a small waterfall all week. The one beside the petroglyphs at Reef Bay must be raging at this point. I’m a tad too laxy to walk down to take a photo for you all, so please just take my word on that one – lol.

The waterfall near Cinnamon Bay was flowing pretty well earlier this week.
An older photo of the waterfall at Reef Bay. Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

The island has definitely gotten much busier in recent weeks. Season is here! We’re by no means overwhelmed, but there are definitely more groups of people milling about. The parking lots are fuller, but I am still seeing availability at the top spots like Trunk Bay and Maho around noon, which is nice for all of us beachgoers.

Speaking of the beaches, when it rains as hard as it did over the weekend, there is a considerable amount of runoff that gets into the bays. Maho Bay gets a fair amount of brown water, which seems to cause the turtles to take a little vacay. The water should be back to normal in a day or two, and we will see more turtles over there. I have only seen a handful over the past few days.

If you are lucky enough to be on island or if you are checking out Explore STJ’s Webcam page, you will see just how green and lush the island currently is. It looks absolutely incredible! And all of our flowers are in bloom. Seriously, St. John is looking pretty amazing at the moment.

The island is so green!

Speaking of season, nearly all of our restaurants have reopened. Friends invited us to Extra Virgin Bistro for its opening last night, and it was absolutely perfect. Banana Deck, another favorite of mine, reopens tomorrow night. We’re still waiting on info from Lime Inn, but hopefully they do reopen this year… fingers crossed!

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little island update! Have a great day everyone!

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