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Former St. John Resident Among the Maine Shooting Victims

Keith Macneir at Skinny Legs. Image credit: Leah Hanson

Keith Macneir, a former St. John resident of more than 10 years, was one of the 18 victims killed in the Maine mass shootings.

Keith was described as a kind soul and a great friend to many. He was a man who never judged others and was always there for his friends. Keith was the type of person who opened up his home to anyone who was in need of a place to stay. Simply put, he was an amazing person whose life shouldn’t have been taken due to yet another senseless act of violence.

Keith worked for the Virgin Islands National Park from 2009 through 2017, most recently as the chief of maintenance.

Image taken from Keith Macneir’s Facebook page

Rest in peace, sir.

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  1. Notta Fan

    Yet the same Republican Party whom your owner John Yob is part of, continues to undermine any sensible gun control laws. God forbid it make sense until one of their own is shot dead. Even then, they wear pins to keep guns easy to obtain and care nothing for the lives lost.

    • Jenn Manes

      Hello, my name is Jenn Manes. I own this site myself. John Yob, who you mentioned, owns I do not have any affiliation to that site.

    • Joe Chmielewski

      Keith was a good man and did not deserve this. He was loved by many here in the Virgin Islands. RIP friend

      Listen up Nottafan We have some of the strictest Gun laws here in the Virgin Islands and its stops zero criminals from obtaining guns. Infact the only people we know for sure that are armed here are violent criminals. As a Biden supporter You probably dont understand that or have common sense in general.

      • Mark Rockcastle

        Whether one believes in gun control or not the vast and I mean vast amount of guns used in crimes (not suicidal) are unregistered or illegal. Do people really thing criminals are going to turn in their guns? They want won’t. The cities in the US where gun control is the highest are the same cities where gun crimes are the highest this is simply the fact.

        Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, of course, and everyone’s entitled to mine. When Cain killed able with a rock god didn’t get rid of all the rocks. He blamed Cain. We have a sin problem, not a gun problem.

        I am totally favor of stricter gun laws and stronger reinforcement of restrictions on mental illness, etc. but to remove guns from law abiding citizen for “the greater good”. Nope. We will be just fine thanks

        • Truth teller

          Cain and Abel are fictional characters, so…

          The book of Genesis is not literal, and if you think it is, that is a bigger problem.

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  6. Bill Rodgers

    This fella was already prohbited from owning a gun, gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens who seek to protect themselves. Hence the constant murders by criminal gang members in all these democrat run cities, who dont have legal access to guns. Nobody ever wants to talk about that….just seems like its become normal and accepted.

    • BoomersLoveBoom

      Completely false. There was nothing barring this man from purchasing a gun. Stop spreading lies. There is zero reason for a civilian to own any weapons of mass murder. Go kiss your guns and your orange cult leader.

  7. LuvSTJ

    I did not know Keith but am sad to hear of it and can only imagine the difficulty of those who love him trying to make sense of it and move forward in life. We send our sympathies to his family and friends. I am additionally sorry to see politics interrupt what could and should be a time to care for others rather than spout opinions. There are times and places for that and this doesn’t seem to be it.

    • Joe Martino

      Thanks for saying this. Let’s be sad who for the loss of a human being who did good things for St. John over many years. This is not the place for politics.

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