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Low Airfare to St. John from Everywhere!

Hawksnest Bay

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I have fantastic news to share with all of you today! Airfares have finally dropped! How exciting is that??!

I spent the morning pulling airfares from numerous cities around the country, and I was stunned at some of the prices I found. And even better is that the majority of the better prices were on good airlines! Please take a few minutes to check out what I found, and then immediately start planning your winter vacations! I’d love to see all of you this winter!

(How I Found These Airfare Prices: I used Google Flights Explore function. Not familiar with Google Flights’ Explore function? It’s pretty simple to use. Go to Then click the Explore button in the left sidebar on a laptop/computer. If you’re using a cell phone or iPad, the Explore button is in the top menu. For the airfare listed below, I chose a 1-week trip in the next 6 months.)

And now, without further ado…



Direct flights between Atlanta and St. Thomas aren’t terrible! You can fly on numerous dates for $659 roundtrip on Delta. You can save a good amount of money if you opt to fly Spirit, but you would have a layover in Florida en route. If you don’t mind that, you can fly for $253 roundtrip from October 14-21.


I want to see all of my Austin friends in December! You can fly for just $463 roundtrip on American. That’s amazing! That price is for travel December 4-11.


Flights are inexpensive out of Baltimore for those of you looking to travel sooner than later. You can fly for as little as $302 roundtrip on JetBlue from September 16-25. That is still peak hurricane season, so I strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance.



I know how much Boston loves St. John, so there will be a ton of you who will love this! For those of you looking to escape winter, you can fly for under $500 roundtrip on numerous dates in December and January. These prices are for flights on United and Delta.

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Flights are CHEAP for several dates in October and November. If you can handle flying Spirit, you can do so for just $266 roundtrip. Prefer direct flights? There are a few dates in December and January when you can fly for under $800 roundtrip on United.



Hello Cleveland! You can also fly for very little if you don’t mind flying Spirit. There are numerous dates in October and November when you can fly for just $259 roundtrip! Prices go up in December, but trips are still under $500 roundtrip.


Hey Dallas, how does $587 direct sound? Amazing, I know! There are three dates when these fares are being offered in November and December, the first being the Saturday after Thanksgiving. These prices are for travel on American.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids-STT

My Michigan friends can also escape the cold for very little this winter! You can fly on American on several days in December and January for as little as $454 roundtrip! These flights have a quick layover in Charlotte or Miami.



Connecticut also has a lot of great prices for travel this fall. You can fly for as little as $340 roundtrip on October 29th, which is just in time to celebrate Halloween on island! There are numerous dates in October and November that are less than $400 roundtrip. Those prices are for travel on JetBlue with layovers in San Juan.



Flights out of Houston are a bit pricier than the other cities mentioned so far, but the price is still rather inexpensive for travel to the Caribbean. You can fly nonstop on United for just $743 roundtrip on several weekend dates in November, December, and January.



Start planning your winter vacations Indianapolis friends! You can fly for just $433 roundtrip on dozens of dates in December, January, and February. This price is for travel on American with quick layovers in either Philadelphia or Miami.

Kansas City

Kansas City-STT

If you are flying out of Kansas City, you can do so for under $500 roundtrip on American on the majority of dates in October and November. Prices increase a bit in December, but they are still lower than normal.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale-STT

It’s much less expensive to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale than Miami. You can fly for just over $200 roundtrip on Spirit for several dates this fall. Prefer Miami? The cost will be more than double to fly direct on American.



Start planning your winter escape Nashville friends, because you can fly for as little as $453 roundtrip on American on numerous dates in December and January. These prices have a short layover in either Charlotte or Miami.

New York

New York-STT

New York, you’re one of the cheapest spots to fly out of yet again! You can fly for just $305 nonstop roundtrip on American for numerous dates in January and February. That’s an unbelievable price for a direct flight!


Orlando, you officially win the airfare game today! You can fly for only $123 ROUNDTRIP on Frontier with a quick layover in San Juan. This fare is good for travel September 10-17. Please buy travel insurance. That flight is basically free, so what are you waiting for??!


You can also fly for basically nothing! Frontier isn’t the most amazing airline, but for this price, it’s hard to say no! You can fly for only $143 roundtrip September 17-24. This flight also has a quick layover in San Juan. I recommend travel insurance for all September flights.



If you live in the Raleigh area, you can fly for as little as $357 roundtrip in November and December. These prices are for travel on American.

So as you can see, airfares are much lower than they’ve been in recent months. No one really wants to work today, right? Start planning your winter vacay instead! 🙂

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  2. Jonathan Abbas

    I’d be VERY careful about flying JetBlue! In a recent trip from STT to Boston through San Juan the San Juan to Boston flight was cancelled, JetBlue claimed weather even though there was no weather, refused to put us up in a hotel, couldn’t get us back to Boston for 3 days, so we paid $3000 out of pocket to get our family home the next day. Stories like this with JetBlue seem more and more commonplace these days!

    • Theresa Ledoux

      JetBlue is a disaster. On our flight to St. Thomas in June, our flight times were changed 3 times in the 6 months period between booking and our departure date. Yet, on the day of departure, our flight to San Juan was delayed, so that it was impossible to make our connection to St. Thomas. But, since there were 60 people on that flight trying to make the same connection to St. Thomas, JetBlue said that they were holding that flight, but that we needed to get to the new gate (at least 10 minutes away) within 15 minutes of disembarking. People were running, older people in wheelchairs and walking with canes were apoplectic as their families tried to get them to the gate in time. Once there, the plane to take us to St. Thomas wasn’t even there. When it arrived an hour later, we were told that it had to go through customs, causing additional delay. Long story short, the flight to St. Thomas was 1.5 hours late. My husband is an employee of the federal government, and has to travel on JetBlue. Even simple flights from Boston to DC and back always have problems – cancellations, delays for no reason, and the worst is that there is never any communication when these things happen.

  3. Jim Gallagher

    I fly in and out of one of the most expensive airports in the US – NW Arkansas National Airport (XNA). American Airline is the dominant carrier. As we planned our 12/4-11/23 trip, we found that AA has no plan to bring us to STT. Their flights almost always require three segments and an overnight stay in DFW or MIA. The one round-trip they had with two segments each way had a fare of over $12,000. That is not a typo. It is twelve thousand dollars. We ended up booking Delta for $1,000 per roundtrip.

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