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Updated Off-Season Closings List & Printable PDF

The island is starting to slow down, and businesses are starting to close for off-season. Skinny Legs, for example, has decided to close a couple of days early while other restaurants have decided to stay open for off-season. Below is the complete list of St. John’s off season closings. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, and you would like to update your listing, please email

Want to print out this list? Click here to print out a PDF version. 

Closings Updated on Sept. 25th

  • 1864: Closed
  • 420 to Center: Staying Open
  • Amore Arowako Vegan Club: Staying Open
  • Aqua Bistro: Permanently Closed
  • Bajo el Sol Gallery & The Art Bar: Will close the last two weeks of September
  • Banana Deck: Tentatively closing September 1st through October 16th
  • Beach Bar: Staying Open
  • Caneel Bay Beach Club: Likely Staying Open
  • Caps Place: Staying Open
  • Colombo’s Smoothies: No info yet.
  • Cafe Roma: Last night is September 1st; First night is October 8th
  • Caribbean Food Delights: Staying Open
  • Cinnamon Bay Raintree Cafe & Food Truck: Campground & Restaurant will be closed in September and October. Details on the food truck near the beach are TBD.
  • Coco Jim’s: Staying open
  • Colombo’s: Closing September 9th through September 23rd
  • Cool Desires: Undecided
  • Coral Bay Catering: Open; Contact 340-423-6611 for possible closures in September/October.
  • Coral Bay Fresh Market: Permanently Closed
  • Cruz Bay Landing: Staying Open
  • Dave & Jerry’s Steakhouse: Last night is September 1st; First night is October 8th
  • Dazey Drive In: Closed for off-season; Reopening October-ish. Exact reopening date TBD. (Salt Deck will close August 18th – October 8th.)
  • Delyvonne Breakfast Bistro: Staying Open
  • Dolphin Grab & Go: Staying Open
  • Downtown Sips: Staying Open
  • Estela’s Sosa’s Food Truck: Staying Open
  • Ekaete Pink Corner: Waiting on info.
  • Every-ting Kurry: No info.
  • Extra Virgin Bistro: Closed for off-season; Reopening date TBD
  • Flavour’s Night Club: Staying open
  • Greengo’s Caribbean Cantina: Staying open
  • Gwen’s Place: Staying open
  • Heading East: Staying open
  • High Tide: Closing September 18-24
  • Hillside Terrace: Staying open
  • Irie Pops: Closing for September; Reopening October 9th
  • Island Breeze: Permanently Closed.
  • Joe’s Rum Hut: Closed August & September
  • Johnny Lime: Last day is August 18th; Reopening October 8th (Tentative)
  • La Tapa: Most likely closing September 18th through October 15-ish
  • Lime Inn: Last day is August 18th; Reopening end of November (Closed Saturdays until then for summer hours)
  • Lime Out: Last day is August 18th; Reopening October 8th
  • Little Olive Food Truck: Undecided
  • Lovango Resort & Beach Club: Last day is July 20th; Reopening mid-December.
  • Lovango Rum Bar: Closing September 9th through September 23rd
  • Love City Barbeque: Waiting on info.
  • Live City Bites: Waiting on info.
  • Love City Cafe: Closing dates TBD
  • Love City Wing Spot: Staying open
  • Love Supply by Reef2Peak at Maho: Staying open
  • Maho Crossroads: Staying open
  • Margarita Phil’s: Closing Dates TBD
  • Miss Lucy’s: Closed September & October; Reopening end of November
  • Morgan’s Mango: Closed starting September 6th; Reopening October 6th
  • Natures Nook: Staying open
  • North Shore Deli: Undecided
  • Ocean 362: Closing end of August; Reopening mid-October
  • Our Market Smoothies: Both Locations are staying open
  • The Parrot Club: Staying Open
  • P&P’s By the Sea: Waiting on info.
  • Pizzabar in Paradise: Closing mid-September through mid-October
  • Quiet Mon Pub: Most likely closing for September
  • Rhumb Lines: Most likely closing in September; Check back for exact dates
  • Ronnie’s Pizza: Closed for off-season; Reopening in September
  • Salty Mongoose: Closed in September
  • Sam & Jack’s: Most likely closing mid-September; Exact dates TBD
  • Shaibu’s Grab & Go: Closing August 26th through October 1st
  • Shambles: Closing August 14-21
  • Skinny Legs: Closed; Reopening on Halloween
  • St. John Catering & Mathayom Private Chefs: Staying open
  • St. John Scoops: Staying open
  • St. John Provisions: Closed for September
  • Sun Dog Cafe: Staying open
  • Surf Club Cantina: Staying open
  • Tamarind Court: Closing two weeks in September; Exact dates TBD
  • The Tap & Still: Staying open
  • The Longboard: Staying Open
  • The Tap Room: Closed September 25-29
  • The Refinery: Staying open
  • The Roti King: Staying open
  • The Terrace: Closed August 10-October 10
  • Tony’s Kitchen Food Truck: Staying Open
  • Trunk Bay Concessions: Staying Open
  • Uncle Joe’s BBQ: Staying open
  • Upstairs Bar & Grill: Staying open
  • Surf Club Cantina: Staying Open
  • Woody’s: Closing the end of September through the beginning of October; Exact Dates TBD
  • Windmill Bar: Staying Open
  • Wine Shop VI: Closed for off-season; Reopening date TBD
  • ZoZo’s: Closed for off-season; Reopening mid-December

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