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Turtle Volunteers Needed!

Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

If you love our sea turtles as much as I do, this opportunity may be for you!

Friends of Virgin Islands National Park are looking for volunteers to join this year’s turtle patrol. You will have to be on island from July through August, so this opportunity is best for residents or long-term visitors. The volunteers will adopt a beach that they will patrol weekly, looking for any signs of turtle nesting activity.

Not on island for that long? You can still help protect our turtles! If you see a turtle, please do not touch them and stay at least six feet away from them when snorkeling. Please report any signs of nesting activity to the Virgin Islands National Park. Always use reef-safe sunscreen. And please throw away all trash, particularly single-use plastics like bags and straws.

Nearly 2,000 hatchlings made it into the ocean in 2022. Let’s hope we can surpass that number this year!

If you’d like to join the turtle patrol, please email Friends of Virgin Islands National Park at

If you’d like to know more about the island’s sea turtle program, please visit

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