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Want to Buy a Private Island?

Thatch Cay is located northwest of Cruz Bay.

Is anyone in the market for a private island? All you need is a mere $25 million and a beautiful one right near Cruz Bay can be yours!

I had an impromptu boat trip with Flyaway Charters yesterday afternoon, and we were cruising around the cays north of St. John. When we passed Thatch Cay, I mentioned how it’s listed for $25 million. Leah, the owner of Flyaway Charters, was surprised and hadn’t heard that, so I figured many of you probably haven’t either. So here are the details…

Image credit: Christie’s International

Thatch Cay is located northwest of Cruz Bay. It is 230 acres and is one of the last private islands in the US Virgin Islands. It is completely undeveloped but has dramatic views and a beautiful rugged coastline.

The island is dotted with Tyre Palms throughout, which is the island’s namesake. The Tyre Palm, also known as a thatch palm, is the only remaining native palm tree in the US Virgin Islands.

(Fun fact: Leah’s son is named Thatch. He will enter preschool at Gifft Hill in the fall.)

The island is currently zoned for residential development, which allows up to six dwellings across three parcels.

I took a little video for you all yesterday. Please check it out:

Maybe if we all chipped in about $1,000, we could buy this together! What do you think??!! 🙂

For those of you who are truly interested or simply want to learn more about the available real estate here on St. John, please check out Explore STJ’s Business page at Scroll down to see a few realtors that we recommend.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. Bill Ryan

    I pretty sure there is an electrical cable that runs out to it from St. Thomas.
    About 20 years ago the island was up for sale for 6 million.

  2. Michael Raley

    If the Tyre (Thatch) Palm is native to the VI, why didn’t the Park plant them after Irma? I understand them not wanting to replant the non-native palms, but why not Tyre?

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