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Bring the Mer-Men of St. John Home with You

The men of North Shore Deli made their debut on the cover of the 2023 calendar, which is on sale now!

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! Now you know that pic above made you smile… or giggle… or both! But seriously, who doesn’t love a calendar filled with some good looking gentlemen dressed as mermaids? I know I do!

The 2023 Mermen of St. John calendar was just released, and it’s now on sale online and on island. This year’s calendar features several of our favorite bartenders, boat captains, musicians and more. The calendar was created by Mermaid Swim, a fun little company owned by Katie Rockefeller, who also happens to own Drink in Cruz Bay.

The calendar costs just $25. You can buy it on island at Drink, North Shore Deli and Turquoise Turtle. Looking to purchase the calendar online? You can click this link to do so.

One of my very best friends was featured in this calendar a few years back, a classic photo right here friends! Meet Dan, the pool man, who was Mr. “Danuary” 2020. 🙂

My buddy Dan, the pool man

Prefer a calendar that is more St. John scenery, and a tad less mer-men? There are three other great ones to choose from.

Elaine Estern, Coconut Coast Studios

Elaine’s 2023 calendar features 12 original watercolor images with scenes above and below the Caribbean Sea. Elaine’s annual calendar is literally a beautiful work of art. The St. John Reefs & Ruins calendar costs $25. You can buy it online by clicking this link.

Steve Simonsen Photography

Steve Simonsen 2023 calendar

Steve Simonsen is an amazing photographer. His 17th annual calendar is now available for $37. This calendar features 12 stunning images taken around St. John. You can buy it online by clicking this link. You can also purchase these beautiful calendars in several stores on St. John.

Christian Wheatley Photography

Christian Wheatley is another great photographer on St. John. He, too, has a beautiful calendar for sale this year. I wasn’t able to find link to buy on his website, but this calendar is available to buy in numerous stores on St. John.


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