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It’s Wattapama Time!

A wattapama in bloom at Annaberg Tuesday morning.

It’s wattapama time! Many of you are probably wondering, what the heck is a wattapama? Well it’s one of the prettiest trees here on St. John – in my opinion, of course.

I’m sure many of you have driven past these trees without thinking twice. They are thin, wispy trees that look pretty basic most of the year, However, after soaking rains break a drought – something that recently happened here – beautiful little purple flowers emerge from their branches. This typically happens in springtime. It’s a sight to see!

According to the Virgin Islands National Park, the wattapama is native only to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For those of you who truly love plants and flowers, its botanical name is Poitea florida.

So if you are lucky enough to be on St. John now or in the coming weeks, take a moment to enjoy yet another beautiful aspect of the this island. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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