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Hurricane Lee: Tracking North, But Will Bring Big Waves

Waves at Cinnamon Bay (old pic)

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I apologize for taking yesterday off. I was busy playing general contractor over at our new Fish Bay house. I have to admit, I absolutely love overseeing construction and house projects, so if any contractors are reading this, hire me! Haha! The house is coming along so well, and we hope to move in within the next few weeks. So exciting!

Ok, so for those of you who have been obsessively tracking Hurricane Lee like me, you probably know that it basically exploded overnight and it’s now a powerful Cat 5 storm. The great news for us in the Virgin Islands (often referred to as the northern Leeward Islands in the forecasts) is it continues to track north of us. Phew! I can speak for the entire island when I say we never want to see a Category 5 storm here ever again. 🙂

So, will we get some light wind or rain this weekend and into early next week? Probably. Are they going to close the posts and stop the ferries from running? No. Is it something to cancel or postpone your trip over? Absolutely not.

Now here is what is exciting to this mom of a rambunctious five-year-old boy… We are going to have some pretty big waves around the island over the weekend and into next week. According to VITEMA (the USVI’s emergency management agency), seas will be up to 12 feet. That’s huge. Rip current risk will be high, so be careful out there.

For those of you who like to watch the waves like me, Cinnamon Bay is a great spot. They have waves on a relatively normal day, so I’m expecting them to be pretty impressive over the weekend. Trunk Bay and Hawknest should have some pretty good ones too. I’ll definitely cruise around and will take some pics and videos for all of you.

In the meantime, you can always see what’s happening live on island by checking out Explore STJ’s webcam page. You can see more than 20 live-streaming webcams placed around St. John at

Have a great Friday everyone!

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