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The Kindness of People!


Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! I am finally back in St. John! Dalton and I flew home Tuesday after spending a month in Connecticut. We had a great time, but I’m happy to be home once again. And I am super happy to start working on our new house!

For those of you who follow Explore STJ on Facebook, you probably read my frantic post about Dalton’s lost stuffed animals Tuesday afternoon. For those of you who missed it, Dalton left two of his favorite stuffed animals on Delta Flight 1950 on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t realize it until we got home, and Dalton was heartbroken. I immediately posted about it on Explore STJ’s Facebook page and the St. John Travel & Life Facebook page, hoping that someone onboard the Delta flight would see it.

My frantic post on Facebook

The problem with flying with a five-year-old is they simply will not sit still, and Dalton usually ends up setting up camp on the floor at some point mid-flight. The problem this time was that Dalton left his two favorite stuffed animals – Gizmo and Sheldon – under the seat in front of him. Luckily they were tucked away safely in their lunchbox.

How the day started… His idea, not mine.
He basically sets up a mini apartment on the floor every time.

Ok, so back to the Facebook post. I knew someone from St. John or someone who reads our Facebook pages had to be on that flight, and I was right! Shay Brittingham and his wife Caleigh are St. John residents, and both were on the flight heading to Atlanta. Shay asked the flight attendants about Dalton’s buddies, and was able to confirm that they were taken off the plane in St. Thomas. Phew!

Soon after, I received a call from Barry Gordon. Barry is a Delta pilot who vacations on St. John quite frequently. He’s known Dalton’s father Mike for years. Barry said he was able to get in touch with Mohamad and Jevon, who work for Delta at the St. Thomas airport and said that they would help us reunite Dalton with Gizmo and Sheldon. As many of you know, you can’t simply call the Delta desk at any airport, so this was an invaluable help. Within minutes, Barry called back and said the lunchbox was found. Phew times two!

I stopped by our new house Wednesday morning to check on its progress (we’re making a few aesthetic changes), and then I hopped on the barge to St. Thomas. After a quick stop at Price Mart and Home Depot, I headed to the airport.

The women working at the Delta counter could not have been kinder. They went into the back and grabbed the lunchbox, and showed me that Gizmo and Sheldon were inside. Thank goodness! Crisis averted!

Ms. George found Gizmo & Sheldon. I cannot thank her enough!

Delta, if you are reading this, Ms. George, who is a passenger service agent at STT, deserves a bonus! Mohamed and Jevon do too! Or maybe an extra paid day off! Thank you so much for finding these guys and keeping them safe overnight too!

I don’t know about you all, but it makes me so darn happy to know how much kindness remains in this world. A big thank you to everyone who helped!

Thank You!

Thank you to Teri Wine for approving my post on the St. John Travel & Life page so quickly! It’s a great page that also provides concierge services. Click here to check it out!

Thank you to Shay and Caleigh for checking on the plane for us!

Thank you to Catherine and Eric Fales for also checking on the plane for us!

Thank you to Lindsey Banks for offering to bring it back to us on St. John!

Thank you to Denise Lake for also offering to bring it back to St. John!

And if there is anyone I missed, I apologize!

Thank you everyone. I will be back with more St. John stories tomorrow. Have a great day!

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  1. Regina Sebeck

    There are good people in the world ….and Jenn , anyone that knows you and Mike would always come to your rescue…..Love the backpack pic….It made me smile….Congrats on the house.

  2. Michael Mark

    Jenn this just proves there still are good people in the world. I’m so happy for you & Dalton. Delta needs to know that their works are great also, maybe you can post it on their website. Best of luck on the house.

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