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Today’s Tidbits: Summer Hours, Intense Heat & More!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday. I apologize for posting super late today, but I am in the States recovering from a weekend-long family reunion. There are a few things going on that I wanted to share with all of you, so here we go!

Slow season has officially arrived! The beaches are quiet, and several restaurants have begun to close. The Tap Room, one of my favorite spots over at Mongoose Junction, just announced that its summer hours are officially in effect. They will now open at noon and will serve food until 8:30 p.m. The bar will stay open until 9:30 p.m.

Cool down with my Papa ExploreSTJ’s favorite beer at The Tap Room!

Our friends at North Shore Deli, another one of my favorite spots over in Mongoose Junction, have also decided to close this year, but just for a week. They will be closed between September 23rd and October 1st.

It is H-O-T on island from what I hear! The Virgin Islands National Park has been posting online that the Virgin Islands continues to be under an excessive heat warning. Luckily, we have two new air-conditioned spots on island to help beat the heat.

Cap’s Place, the bar that’s located across from the Post Office and Uncle Joe’s BBQ in Cruz Bay, is now air-conditioned. Another random fact: Cap’s Place has some of the coldest beers on island. So do yourself a favor and swing by to cool down. Don’t forget to grab a lotto ticket while you’re there.

Speaking of cold beer, another great spot is Tony’s Kitchen food truck on Centerline Road. It’s located at the Route 104 (Gifft Hill Road) intersection. Ms. Angie literally keeps her beer in an ice cooler. It doesn’t get much colder than that!

And lastly, our friends over at The Upstairs just opened The Downstairs, which is located downstairs from The Upstairs (appropriately named, right??!). The Downstairs is fully-air conditioned and looks quite cozy from the pics my friends have shared with me. Check out a couple of pics:

There’s your news for today, folks. Is it earth-shattering? Nope. But is it important to know where to cool down and where to grab a cold beer? Absolutely!

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