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An Amazing Peacock Video!

Frank Bay peacock

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! I love checking out the peacocks in Frank Bay. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the St. John peacocks, they are mostly found around Frank Bay; however I have seen them walk into Cruz Bay as far as the Lovango Rum Bar’s parking lot. From what I have seen, there are at least a dozen of them.

Apparently it’s mating season here on St. John, which is great for someone like me who enjoys checking them out, but not so great for my friends who live around Frank Bay. 🙂 Why, you ask? Because they are loud as heck!

I wanted to find more info on this, so I reached out to an expert – Martha Stewart – lol. Ok, so we didn’t chat, but I did find a blog of hers about this. Apparently peacock mating season is from March through early August. Here is what she had to say about it:

“From now until early August, the peacocks display their stunning and iridescent tail feathers, strut back and forth shaking their hindquarters to produce a rattling sound, and make loud calls to the females. The peahens tend to choose males with the longest, most colorful tails. It’s always very interesting to watch these mating rituals up close – the “tail show” can be quite amazing.”

I was lucky enough to stumble on this happening yesterday morning while I was out with island tour guests. Check it out. Turn your sound on if you want to hear the tail rattling. It’s actually pretty cool.


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