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Back from Spring Break!

We stayed at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes, and it was incredible!

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! We just got back from our Spring Break vacation, and while it was so nice to get away, it’s nice to be home.

Numerous people ask me where my family vacations. It’s a pretty understandable question considering we already live in a prime vacation spot. Honestly, we head to Connecticut quite often to visit family, HomeGoods and Target – lol – but this past Spring Break, we actually took a real vacation. And it was amazing in every way!

I looked at flying into Connecticut for the Easter holiday, which coincided with Dalton’s Spring Break, but the tickets were outrageously expensive. I couldn’t justify spending nearly $3,000 on airfare alone, so we decided to look at alternatives. I used Google’s Explore function and looked to see where we could fly for the least amount of money for Easter, and Orlando won. Roundtrip tickets on Spirit were listed around $200 roundtrip direct, but that price nearly doubled after we chose seats, paid for a carry on bag, etc. It was my first time flying Spirit, and I was nervous as heck! But luckily it went smoothly both ways, and I was happy to only take one plane each time.

You’re probably thinking that we took Dalton to Disney… absolutely not! We knew that Dalton, a kid who lives on a tiny island in the Caribbean that doesn’t even have a stoplight, would not do well waiting in lines for rides. So instead, we found an amazing hotel that had a lazy river, three waterslides, a water ropes course and an Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning. Winning!

Who needs Disney when you have three waterslides!
At the hotel!
This was set up as part of a Spring Festival for the kids.

We caved one day and brought Dalton to SeaWorld, a place I haven’t visited in over 20 years. It was nice, although there seemed to be more shops and restaurants than animals. Dalton’s dad insisted we sit in the Splash Zone for the orca show, and I left absolutely drenched! But Dalton loved it, so that’s all that matters, right??

Moments before we all got drenched!

Dalton discovered that he loves mini golf, so much that I have already purchased mini golf clubs and a green, so I can build a small mini golf course in our yard out here in Fish Bay. We played twice, and also stopped at Disney Springs to give Dalton a little Disney fix.

Easy Rider
Someone loves to shop just like his mama!

Now a few random thought about my visit in Florida…

What the heck is up with these Stanley cups??! They were everywhere! I just don’t get it. Who needs a $100 cup to hold water? Also, the fake lashes. I don’t get that either. Some look nice, but not the glue on ones that look like plastic feathers floating above your eyes. Ladies, we need to spend our money on better stuff, like experiences. Just my two cents. 🙂

Lastly, vacations are important. Spending time with family is important. I took the photo below back in 2013, and I firmly believe in everything it says. Quit your job if you’re unhappy, folks. Buy a ticket (hopefully to visit us!). Get a tan, but don’t forget the sunscreen! Fall in love because that’s what life is all about. Never return. Well that’s up to you. 😉

Cruz Bay, 2013

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  1. Debbie in Indiana

    Thanks for sharing your vacation info and pictures with us that follow you. Family trips and vacations are my favorite memories from growing up in the 60’s.

  2. MK on St John

    Wow, looks like a great vacation, I’m glad you all had a fun time!!
    Getting away to enjoy new experiences and have fun is what life is all about; it’s great though to return to St John, it’s such a wonderful place to live! I agree about the fake lashes, they look more like a vision impediment than a beauty enhancement.

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