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Hurricane Tammy is Thankfully a No Show

I took this quick pic in the front yard. We desperately need to cut the grass!

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday! I know many of you are interested in Hurricane Tammy and its effect on St. John. I am happy to tell you that it does not appear to be affecting the island weather-wise.

Let’s start with the ports. Everything is open. The Virgin Islands Port Authority announced early Friday evening that the ports were closed, but quickly rescinded it. You have to love it when your actual government puts out wrong information – lol. The ports did close briefly from 8 p.m. Saturday night until 9 a.m. this morning. Ferries will run on schedule beginning at 10 a.m. today. So if you are flying in today, there is nothing to worry about. The airport is open, and the ferries and barges are running.

Now let’s talk about the actual weather. The forecast said we were going to get several inches of rain. That never materialized. We did have some on-and-off rain showers yesterday, but it was by no means soaking rain. It rained a little overnight, but the sun is currently out in Fish Bay and it has been all morning. And the winds, well they are next to nothing in my neighborhood.

At this point, Hurricane Tammy is forecasted to stay well to the east of St. John, which is great.

Screenshot from Living Earth app. St. John is the blue dot beside Hurricane Tammy.
Screenshot from the Windy app. You can see the winds of Hurricane Tammy are well to our east.

So now that Hurricane Tammy is a no-show, I think I’ll head to the beach today with Dalton. I think it might be a Trunk Bay kinda day. Have a great one everyone!

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