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Pictures of Today’s Saharan Dust

Trunk Bay with & without the Saharan Dust

The Saharan Dust is extremely thick today. I was out and about with island tour guests today and snapped several pictures for all of you.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Saharan Dust, it tends to come and go during the spring and summer months. It is actually dust that lifts up from the Sahara Desert in Africa and is carried over to the US Virgin Islands. It looks like clouds or a thick haze and can bother your respiratory system a bit. My eyes tend to get a little itchy, and I sneeze a bit more when there is an abundance of dust in the air like there is currently.

Here are some pictures that show what the island typically looks like and what it looked like today. I’ll start with Trunk Bay.

Trunk Bay on a nice and clear day
Trunk Bay with today’s Saharan Dust

An overlook in Coral Bay:

An overlook in Coral Bay without dust
The overlook in Coral Bay with today’s Saharan Dust

Overlooking Hawksnest Bay toward St. Thomas:

Looking over Hawksnest Bay toward St. Thomas without dust
Looking over Hawksnest Bay toward St. Thomas with today’s Saharan Dust

And here are a couple of more images I took today:

Maho & Francis bays today with the Saharan Dust
Looking over the Sir Francis Drake Channel toward Tortola on St. John’s East End today with Saharan Dust

It looks like the Saharan Dust will stick around for a few more days before our skies clear up once again. You can track the Saharan Dust here, just like you can track rain on the radar. is the best site to track the dust in my opinion.

You can also see what’s happening live by checking out Explore STJ’s webcam page at

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