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Great News: Airfare is Coming Down!

Who needs a vacation? I know I do! Well I have good news for almost all of you. Airfare prices are finally coming down. They’re not super low like we saw about a year ago, but they are getting less expensive than we saw over the past few months. I am happy to see a move in the right direction. I am also happy to know that this may help you all plan your next St. John vacation.

I spent the morning pulling up airfares from numerous popular cities around the country. Unfortunately I cannot get airfare from every single airport, but you will see a good sample below. I used Google Flights Explore function, and I consistently saw that airfare is lower than average with more being more than $100 less than normal, per Google Flights.

Not familiar with Google Flights’ Explore function? It’s pretty simple to use. Go to Then click the Explore button in the left sidebar on a laptop/computer. If you’re using a cell phone or iPad, the Explore button is in the top menu. For the airfare listed below, I chose a 1-week trip in the next 6 months. Scroll to the bottom for more helpful travel info.


According to Google Flights, airfare from Atlanta is currently more than $100 cheaper than normal. It makes the most sense to fly direct on Delta, but unfortunately that is the most expensive way to go. If you don’t mind hopping on Spirit and making a quick stop in Ft. Lauderdale, you can fly roundtrip for only $214. That’s pretty incredible. Travel dates: April 17th through April 25th


You too can save some money. You can fly direct on JetBlue heading to the islands and then take Spirit with one stop heading home for only $372. I know, I don’t love Spirit either. But I love saving money, so I think I could spend a few hours on a not-so-amazing airline to save a few hundred dollars. Travel dates: April 20th through April 27th 


Are you able to stay a little longer than a week? If so, then you can fly for just $371 roundtrip. Travel dates: April 11th through April 20th


Want to fly on American for less than $500 roundtrip? Well you can! These are pretty incredible prices for Cleveland. Take advantage of these fares! Travel dates: May 1st through May 9th


You, too, are in the “how much do I want to save” category? If you fly Spirit, you can save almost $500 roundtrip. That’s money you can spend on three fancy dinners, one private sunset sail, etc. Travel dates: April 29th through May 5th

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This one is for my good friends Gena and Paul, my very first island tour guests back in 2017, who are now family friends. You can visit me for just $700 roundtrip… do it! Travel dates: April 16th through April 25th

Hartford, Connecticut 

Spirit has lost its mind on this one. JetBlue has too. So the cheapest flight from my home state of Connecticut is $543 roundtrip on American. A tip: You can also fly from BDL to SJU in Puerto Rico and then buy a separate ticket on Silver or Cape Air to save some money. I do that often. Travel dates: May 1st through May 9th 


Looking to fly nonstop? You can! The price is $720 roundtrip, which I don’t think is awful. It isn’t as cheap as I’d like, but it’s not awful either. Looking to save money? You can always hop on Spirit. Travel dates: April 29th through May 8th


Wow! This is another great one! You can fly roundtrip on American for just $486. Go and grab that airfare now! Travel dates: April 30th through May 9th. 


You can save $500 you choose Spirit over Delta when flying from Louisville. Don’t mind Spirit? You can fly for just $309 roundtrip. Travel dates: April 30th through May 8th 


I don’t know what American is thinking here. You can fly roundtrip, direct on American for $717, or you can drive a little bit up the coast and fly for just $181 roundtrip on Spirit. Travel dates: April 17th through April 25th


Google says prices are low, but they’re still pretty high in my opinion. And the best price is for peak hurricane season, which isn’t ideal. Unfortunately you are going to spend at least $800 to visit us. 🙁 Perhaps look at taking a flight to Puerto Rico’s SJU, and then book a separate ticket on Cape Air or Silver like my friends up in Connecticut do. Travel dates: August 28th through September 6th

New York

New York is always one of the cheapest markets, so if you live anywhere near there, it’s best to fly out of JFK. You can fly for under $350 roundtrip on either Delta, American or United, and all are direct. Travel dates: April 27th through May 4th


Unfortunately your best price is also in the height of hurricane season, so please buy travel insurance if you plan to visit St. John in August or September. If you choose to do so, you can fly roundtrip from Orlando for just $218 roundtrip. That’s a great price! Travel dates: August 21st through August 28th

St. Louis 

I’m not as familiar with this market, but I think under $600 roundtrip isn’t too terrible, right? Travel dates: April 18th through April 25th. 

Washington, DC

Unfortunately your travel dates also fall during prime hurricane time, but you can save some money by traveling in August. The cost is under $300 roundtrip on JetBlue. Not too shabby! But please, buy travel insurance if you are flying during this time. Travel dates: August 21st through August 30th 

Discounts: St. John is full at the moment, but it is in no way overwhelmingly busy like it was last year at this time. I have seen numerous villas and condos offering discounted rates for upcoming travel. It never hurts to ask for a last minute discount.

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  1. Angela

    Glad to see prices coming down. We paid $954 per person on Delta non stop ATL to STT purchased 5 months in advance for our trip Mar 11-17 this year. That’s our highest price we’ve paid….obviously we really wanted to go; however, it kept several other families considering a Spring Break trip to St John with us from booking.

  2. Tara Rendon

    Jenn – your helpful information and great stories never cease to amaze me.
    My husband and I have been coming to St. John regularly since 1984 yet still learn new things from you. Thanks
    Thank you!

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