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Another Free Lot Becomes a Paid Lot

Well folks, parking in Cruz Bay just got a tad more expensive.

The parking lot above Low Key, Drink, Lovango Rum Bar and Tropical Properties was recently converted into a paid parking lot. Prior to this happening, it was a free lot for people utilizing one of the four previously-mentioned businesses.

It’s not an attended lot. Instead you have to scan a QR code, which opens an app on your smart phone. It costs $5 an hour to park, plus a 35 cent fee. So one hour is $5.35, three hours is $15.35 and 10 hours (for those of you who may be going on a boat trip) is $50.35. You can pay for up to 24 hours, which would be $120.35.

A positive about this lot: It has the best view out of all of the parking lots on island!

Want to know where all of the free and paid parking lots are on island? Click here to check out Explore STJ’s Logistics Map. It also shows grocery stores, the pharmacy, public restrooms, dumpsters and more.

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  1. Jason

    Any idea how the Visitors Center parking for the Lind Point Trail works on weekends when the Visitor Center is not open to get a parking pass?

  2. Karen

    Imo there shouldn’t be ANY free parking except near post offices, grocery stores, schools, and healthcare facilities. Parking lots contribute to paving of the island and free parking doesn’t generate revenue. Free parking is not a right.

    • Mark Bushor

      Missed seeing you on our visit last week.
      I asked Mike to say hi for us.

      I noticed parking had changed a bit. I guess it helps with revenue. It does make things a little more costly. It’s one thing paying to park, it’s another being gouged for it.
      The Lumberyard parking was very expensive. $70.00 for the day seemed very high.
      I saw some lots that were cheaper but not easy to ingress – egress.
      There maybe a need for consensus on the cost.
      Anyway, it was a beautiful visit. The island looked great.

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