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Something Very Cool Just Happened!

Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket as seen from Utopia Villa in Upper Peter Bay. Image credit: Al Scott

Well folks, something cool just happened over St. John. The sky lit up as Space X flew over the US Virgin Islands!

Not a fan of Elon Musk? Well neither am I. 🙂 But regardless of our thoughts on the man, this was a very cool sight!

According to my quick Google search, what we saw was the Falcon 9 rocket, which is supporting the Starlink 6-43 mission. (Click here to learn what all of that means.) The rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 7:05 p.m., and it was seen flying over St. John less than 10 minutes later. This mission, again, according to Google, will add 23 Starlink satellites “to the low Earth orbit constellation.”  Starlink provides satellite internet around the world. I even have a few friends here in St. John that utilize it.

Al Scott owns Utopia, which is an incredible property in Upper Peter Bay. He took the following pics and videos between 7:13 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. Sunday night:

Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket as seen from Utopia Villa in Upper Peter Bay.
Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket as seen from Utopia Villa in Upper Peter Bay.

Amazing. And how lovely do those chirping frogs sound in the video??!

And here is one that Mike (my other half) sent me while working at The Beach Bar tonight:

Space X as seen from The Beach Bar.

If you happened to be watching our webcams around 7:15 p.m. tonight, you may have caught a glimpse of it. Here is a screenshot from Coconut Coast Studio’s webcam, which overlooks Frank Bay:

Space X as seen from Coconut Coast Studios.

Pretty cool stuff right here. That’s all for tonight. Have a great one, everyone!

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  1. Ann

    Thanks, Jenn! We are in Colorado and love all the photos you post from SJ. “Space X 2” has become my new screensaver. We check out all the web cams regularly. Need to plan a trip to see “the real thing”.

    Please pass our thanks on to Al Scott and for sharing your lovely island with us.

  2. Myra Simmons

    Cool pics on island, thanks for sharing! Funny how looks like a “batman signal”. 😆 I find the SpaceX internet satellites to be amazing technology bc can bypass govts or dictators or internet companies who are down or won’t allow internet or help in disasters (which sadly STJ knows all too well) – incredible that can be positioned over a territory and people can be connected! Musk money well spent if ask me. 😆

  3. Randy Kowalski

    Why does everyone feel they need to comment about politics? Elon Musk is a free speech hero to many, but maybe not to you or some of your readers. You don’t need to virtue signal your politics. Just leave political commentary out of your newsletter. I look forward to continue hearing about my favorite place in the world through your newsletter!

    • Joe Martino

      Randy, I first visited St John 43 years ago and I am eternally thankful for the experience. Not just for the beauty of the island, but also for the “live and let live” mindset that came with it. Just a thought to keep in mind.

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