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When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong… (Sorry Trunk Bay!)

Trunk Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Well folks, I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, and by god, I was wrong yesterday.

We had more than 17,000 people visit St. Thomas on five different cruise ships yesterday. Everyone was talking about the craziness that was likely to ensue. We expected the masses to come over and crowd our streets, shops, and restaurants. We expected the masses to descend onto Trunk Bay.

And you know what, it didn’t happen. I’m so sorry Trunk Bay!

I told all of you to avoid Trunk Bay yesterday, and I was wrong. A friend who happens to run the concessions over there reached out to poke a little fun at me for that comment, and he mentioned that Trunk Bay was pretty quiet too. So I don’t know where those 17,000+ people were, but it didn’t look like they made it over here.

So if you are looking for something nice to do today, hop in a taxi and head over to Trunk Bay. Grab a drink. Buy some food. Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And when you wander over to the snack shack and bar – happy hour starts in the morning at Trunk Bay FYI – please tell them that Jenn sent you. Maybe it will give me some brownie points over there. 🙂

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy Trunk Bay today!

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  1. Mary Brockway

    I mentioned online that people who cruise on ships like Icon of the seas and several others that were import yesterday rarely leave these behemoths because the SHIP IS the destination, not the ports.

  2. Sara

    I will be on a ship coming in a few weeks…and I can’t get to trunk fast enough. We will be in a smaller ship getting there first thing in the am. Would you recommend who to grab drinks and food from? We will certainly let them know Jen sent us! Lol

  3. Diana Wood

    This site is so informative so thank you. I heard the large one is in port at StThomas for such a shortage time that STJ is not an option. Selfish of me but I may have smiled. Have a good day.

  4. Christopher Rackham

    Apparently the Icon was only in port for 5 hours so travel to STJ was doubtful and as Mary mentioned, with 40 restaurants and 8 pools it is the destination. As I mentioned on FB, the Icon will be declared an island unto itself and the other cruise ships will visit it.

  5. Carol

    Jenn, I think you may have been hacked. When I tried to open a link on todays newsletter, I received a message and voice warning saying my computer(Ipad) was locked and to call for assistance. It wasn’t locked or blocked and fortunately I didnt respond.

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