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Purchase a Week at the Westin for Just $1… Seriously!

The Westin Resort is located on Great Cruz Bay.

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I wanted to finish the week off by sharing a pretty incredible deal with all of you. Did you know that you can purchase a week at the Westin Resort for just one dollar? It’s true! And even better? You can purchase two weeks for only two dollars. Curious? Want to learn more? Then please, read on!

You can kick off summer at the Westin with week 21 in studio unit 3316. In 2024, those dates will be May 25th through June 1, which coincides with Memorial Day weekend. Unit 3316 is located up the hill from the resort and includes a smaller, yet very private pool for you to enjoy, in addition to all of the great amenities that the resort has to offer. Those amenities include its larger pool, poolside bar, waterfront restaurant, tennis and pickleball courts, gym, spa, and more.

The studio layout
The studio also has its own private balcony.
The hillside pools are always nice and quiet, perfect for relaxing.

Need more space or perhaps looking to vacation during the summer? Also available is unit 3426, a one-bedroom, two-bath hillside townhouse. This unit is for week 24, which is June 15th through June 22nd in 2024.

The one-bedroom layout
Ample living space
The bedroom is located on the upper level of the townhouse.

The annual fees for Week 21 are $2,077. The taxes, which are paid separately, are an additional $77.36. The annual fees for Week 24 are $2,769.41. The taxes, again paid separately, are an additional $125.22. The annual fees include the maintenance fee, replacement reserve fee, dues, and taxes. The buyer will own these units in perpetuity.

Week 21:  $2,077.00 (taxes $77.36)
Week 24:  $2,769.41 (taxes $125.22)

The seller will pay the closing fees and stamp tax for both units. I can tell you firsthand as a gal who recently purchased a home that this is a big deal!

Please contact KC Bsisu at Islandia Real Estate for more information. You can reach KC by email at
or call/text 340-514-5589 for additional information.

You can always count on a great sunset at the Westin.

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  1. Born Everymin

    Marriot vacation club should just let these owners opt out and put the units up for reservation on their website. Poor baby boomers suckered into time shares.

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