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Not One, But Two Cruise Ships Anchored Off Cruz Bay Today

The Emerald Sakara is pictured above.

Well folks, I was surprised to learn that there was not only one cruise ship anchored off of Cruz Bay this morning, but there are TWO! It’s not unusual to have a small cruise ship anchor off of Cruz Bay during our busier months here in St. John, but neither of these ships are listed on today’s official cruise ship schedule. Odd, right?

The two cruise ships visiting St. John today are the Emerald Sakara and the Evrima, which is affiliated with Ritz Carlton. The Emerald Sakara is 360 feet long and only carries 100 passengers when it’s full. The Evrima is 624 feet long and can accommodate up to 298 passengers.

The Emerald Sakara and Evrima as seen from Gallows Point Resort Tuesday morning.
The Emerald Sakara
The Evrima

As I mentioned above, it is not uncommon to see a small cruise ship anchored off of Cruz Bay during high season. These ships usually carry well under one thousand passengers. They are brought to shore in Cruz Bay via a tender. The larger ships always dock in St. Thomas.

Looking ahead, it looks like we will have cruise ships anchor off of Cruz Bay again on December 16 and December 23. There are not any dates listed on next month’s cruise ship calendar, but I am sure that will change.

In the meantime, you can check out these ships and numerous other great views on our webcams. Visit to see them all.

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  2. Rochelle Nelson

    Very disappointed to hear about cruise ships anchoring off the coast of St. John! That has ALWAYS been the nice thing about St. John-NO CRUISE SHIPS!!!

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