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More St. John Land Now Protected!

Haulover Bay

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I have great news to share with you all today! A quarter-acre parcel was recently added to the St. John Land Conservancy, thanks to a generous donation. The land is located beside Haulover Bay.

The newly added parcel is outlined in yellow.

The land surrounding Haulover to the west and north is part of the Virgin Islands National Park. The newly-acquired land was donated by the Borden family, who worked with the St. John Land Conservancy to do so. It will be maintained for its scenic and wildlife value.

“My Father, Jack Borden brought his children to holiday at Estate Zootenvaal in 1972,” Doug Borden told the St. John Land Conservancy. “He had finally found a Caribbean Island where he could afford to buy land. East End was that special place he found. The paved road ended shortly after Zootenvaal and became rock & dirt. Closest provisions were at Fred’s (aka Redbeard’s, Skinny Legs), Arthur Davidson had just built his house, Warren Able was ‘the Mayor’ living down in the gut, Knaapland on the hill, and Peter & Dorothy Muilenburg building Breath down the way. The Borden family spent the following 20+ years building the Roundhouse and enjoying the natural & underdeveloped beauty of East End. Hopefully more land can be preserved, and with that the beauty of East End will be preserved.”

We are so fortunate to have so many great people who love this island. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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  1. Larry Taft

    We wish to thank the Borden family for this generous gift to future generations. We appreciate the trust an confidence placed in the St. John Land Conservancy to be good stewards of the natural and scenic features of this land in perpetuity

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