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It’s Webcam Wednesday!

This sky is real, folks!

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! It’s my last day of vacay up in Connecticut, so I am not feeling super creative today. So I have officially decided that it is webcam Wednesday!

I hear it’s a tad rainy on the island today, so there will likely be lots of people milling about town today. Why not check them out on the webcams, right? You can see what’s happening inside The Beach Bar and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Mike who had to fly back yesterday, so he could make all of your Painkiller and Bushwacker dreams come true! Or check out our friends over at The Windmill Bar, a spot that has arguably one of the best views on St. John!

Curious who is coming or going at Cruz Bay ferry dock? Check out the Spice Cam! Want to see what’s happening in Cruz Bay itself? We have a webcam over there too! And so many more!

But before you go and check them all out, let’s chat about Quiet Mon for a second. (Click here if you missed the story.) I was blown away by the response we received yesterday. How sad is it that they have to close??!! I hear that someone has already agreed to pay the new astronomical rent over there, but I hope that’s not true. I understand that St. John is somewhat of a luxury destination and I understand that prices have increased across the board in recent years, but let’s not price out the people who make St. John so special. And that includes those who were born there and those, like me, that got there as fast as I could. Just my two cents…

Now go ahead and check out those webcams! The link is Enjoy!

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