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So I Guess We’re in a Tropical Storm…

Cruz Bay beach – Oct. 4, 2023

Posted Oct. 4, 2023 at 7:45 a.m.

Well folks, this one came as a surprise to me. Apparently Tropical Storm Philippe has decided to pay a visit to the US Virgin Islands. He’s still here, so it looks like we have another soggy day ahead of us.

The first thing I do during this time of year is check the weather for any potential storms. I look at my Living Earth app and the National Hurricane Center. Well I’ve been quite busy with the house remodel the past few days, so can’t remember the last time I checked either, to be honest.

Mike, my other half, asked me yesterday morning if we were supposed to get a storm. “What storm?” I asked. I opened my Living Earth app, and low and behold, there was a large splotch of something on the map. I opened and saw that Tropical Storm Philippe was supposed to hook north and miss us. So I drove out to the new house in Fish Bay with my parents in tow, and we continued to work on the house.

Mama & Papa Explore STJ flew in to help with the house!

We finished up mid-afternoon and decided to pull Dalton out of school a bit early, because it was grandma and grandpa’s last day on island. We picked him up and drove over to The Windmill Bar for lunch. As I sat there, I could see rain rolling in from St. Thomas (not the normal wind direction here), so we ate quickly and head back to Grande Retreat at Grande Bay, the amazing three-bedroom condo that my parents have been staying at this past week. As we walked down the hill to the car, it started raining, and it’s been raining ever since.

And when I say rain, I mean it RAINED last night! We received several inches for sure. The wind wasn’t too bad, but the lightning put on quite the show last night and into the overnight hours.

It’s still raining at the moment, but there is very little wind. Schools have been cancelled for the day, but the ports remain open. The ferries are running, and the airport is open. Mama and Papa Explore STJ are hoping to head back to Connecticut today, so fingers crossed on that one!

Want to see what’s happening here on St. John? You can check out more than 20 live streaming webcams at Be sure to check out The Beach Bar’s bar cam because I’m sure they’re going to be quite busy today.

This is what we call a St. John Snow Day. Happy watching!

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