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If You Need a Laugh, Check This Out…

It’s the little things in life, right?

For those of you who need an extra smile or a laugh every day, I strongly encourage you to follow The Upstairs on Facebook. The sandwich board game has been on fire this week. I’ve been looking forward to their daily posts, and they have all cracked me up this week. Here are a few for those of you who have missed them:

(Karaoke actually starts at 8 p.m. when they have it.)
The island has been slow… let’s help them out!
Not sure if this is an invite or a warning…

The signs are the work of Andy Peter. I wrote about Andy earlier this year before he flew to Turkey to help with earthquake relief efforts. Click here to read that story. Andy co-owns The Upstairs with Christie Register. The pair also co-owns The Windmill Bar with Ronnie Jones and family. They recently launched a new menu at The Upstairs. You should check it out.

You can check out their Facebook profile by clicking this link. And if you’re not on Facebook, feel free to send me an email at and I will send you a screenshot. 🙂

That’s it for today, folks. Have a great day!

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