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New Month, New Low Airfares!

These barstools are calling your name!

Hello everyone, and happy May 1st! Let’s start the month off right… with some super low airfare to St. John! The island is unusually quiet right now, so we would really love to see more of you travel to visit us. It’s a great time to book a trip as there aren’t many parking issues, it’s easy to get a seat in your favorite restaurant, our beaches are beautiful and mostly sargassum-free, and the island is green! Oh and even better, our villas and condos are offering discounted rates. Now that is enticing!

I spent some time this morning pulling up airfares from numerous airports around the country, and I found some great deals. How does less than $400 roundtrip sound? Great, I know! Well I found several of them! Check it out!

How I Found These Airfare Prices

I used Google Flights Explore function. Not familiar with Google Flights’ Explore function? It’s pretty simple to use. Go to Then click the Explore button in the left sidebar on a laptop/computer. If you’re using a cell phone or iPad, the Explore button is in the top menu. For the airfare listed below, I chose a 1-week trip in the next 6 months. Scroll to the bottom for more helpful travel info.

Low Airfare Prices

Atlanta –You can fly as little as $272 roundtrip! The only caveat is that this price is for United, which means you will have a quick stop in Dulles. This price is for travel on October 30th, returning on November 8th. This means you can spend Halloween on the island, which is super fun! If you prefer to fly direct on Delta, the best price I can find is $589 roundtrip from September 17th through the 26th.


Boston – You can visit us during the quietest time of the year, just please buy travel insurance. You can fly for just $425 round trip with travel dates of August 26th through September 2nd. The flight is nonstop flying down, and there is a quick layover in Puerto Rico on the way home.


Chicago – Your best fare is happening soon! You can fly from May 18th through May 24th for just $410 roundtrip! The downside is that it’s on Spirit. But for that price, I can deal with Spirit for six hours of my life.

Cleveland – You can spend Memorial Day weekend with us for just $341 roundtrip! The travel dates are May 28th through June 6th, which is a great time to visit. The airline is Spirit, which isn’t amazing, but it’s a great price!


Dallas – If you can visit from May 18th through May 25, you can do so for only $373 roundtrip.


Grand Rapids, Michigan – Your travel dates aren’t as ideal fo the best prices, so you, too, should buy travel insurance. But if you are willing to fly in mid-August, you can do so for only $578 roundtrip on American Airlines.

Grand Rapids

Hartford, Connecticut – Where are all of my home state friends? Well you can come and visit for under $400 roundtrip, which is a fantastic price from BDL! The cheapest travel dates are August 20th through August 29th, and the airline is United.


Houston – You can come and visit us later this month! This price is just $453 roundtrip from May 28th through June 5th.


Indianapolis – Pack your bags because you can come and see us in two weeks! The roundtrip price for travel May 15th through may 24th is just $411 roundtrip!


Miami/Ft. Lauderdale – It’s always less expensive if you are willing to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale. You can fly later this month for just $237 roundtrip. Book those flights!

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Minneapolis – You can also travel for under $400 roundtrip. The best prices for you are in August, so prepare for warm waters and fewer crowds!


New York – This is consistently one of the least expensive markets to fly out of. You can fly out of Newark for just $311 roundtrip. If you prefer JFK, the price is only $364. The cheapest travel dates are in September.

New York/New Jersey

Philadelphia – You, too, can pack your bags! The good news is that the cheapest flights for you ar happening this month. The bad news is that these are some of the highest airfares I found today. Your trip will cost you $661 roundtrip.


Raleigh-Durham – I have been hearing horror stories about airfare prices coming out of your area. I am excited to tell you that I found low prices for you! If you are able to travel at the end of October, you can do so for only $364 roundtrip on United. What a great price!


So as you can see, prices continue to trend lower. Such great news! I hope some of you can take advantage of these lower prices and visit St. John this year.

Want more details on the discounted villa rates that I mentioned? Please click here to read last week’s Island Update, which includes information on that and much more.

Are you a first-time visitor and you want to know exactly how to get here? Please click here for details about traveling to St. John and the steps you need to take at the airport when you’re heading home.

As always, thank you so much for reading! I appreciate you all!

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  1. Todd

    I’m not sure when you googled those prices but I can’t find anything like that using the same search engine this morning. Not even close from Atlanta or Raleigh anyway. Must have come and gone pretty quick.

  2. Larry

    When showing low airfares, how about showing departures from Atlanta, Ga and Savannah, Ga. There are a lot of us low-country St. Johners down here, in cluding the family of several SJ residents and business owners.

  3. Elizabeth Carlton

    Prices on AA and Delta this summer are off the charts from Charleston. $1400.-$1800.! Insane for off season. Glad they are coming down for my Fall trip. I checked for dates around 8 Tuff next February and they seem to be in normal (or used to be normal) range of $500.-$700. for AA.

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