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New Sweets Spot Opens in Coral Bay

Dazey Drive Opened in Coral Bay earlier this week.

There is a great new dessert spot in Coral Bay, and I think you’re all going to love it!

Dazey Drive In is a brand new concept brought to you by our friends over at Salty Daze Charters in Coral Bay. The Drive In serves handcrafted Caribbean shaved ice, smoothies and other sweet tings. It’s located beside the old Pickles restaurant right near the Coral Bay triangle.

“There weren’t any dessert options in Coral Bay,” Kate Nesbitt told me Thursday afternoon. Kate owns Dazey Drive In with her husband Justin, and they’re raising three young children on island. “I wanted a place to bring the kids that isn’t bar-oriented, and I wanted a place that we can hang out as a family while filling that dessert void. That’s how Dazey came to be.”

Kate and Justin met in Hawaii, a place that is known for its shaved ice. They decided to bring the sweet treat to St. John, but with a Caribbean flair, of course. Now you may be wondering what exactly shaved ice is. For starters, it is not a snow cone, which is what I assumed. Shave ice is layers of ice cream, shaved ice and topping options, like sweetened condensed milk.

Image credit: Sarah Swan

The way it works over at Dazey Drive In is rather simple. You can choose two flavors and then a superfood add on like coconut cream or local honey drizzle, or you can try a combo like The Salt Deck, which is guava, lemonade and pineapple with ice cream and condensed milk. That one even comes with a shot of rum on top! Check out the menus below, which also includes smoothies, juices and lemonades. (Irie Pops will be available at Dazey Drive In soon.)

Kate Nesbitt & Matt Cremeens at Dazey Drive In

This juice, a combination of celery, apple and lemon, was absolutely delicious!

Most of Dazey’s offerings are organic, and many are superfoods too. All are served in either a biodegradable, recyclable or reusable cup. And just like Kate intended, Dazey Drive In is a fun little spot for families to hang out. There’s even a mini Salt Deck, one of their popular charter boats, for the kids to play on outside. And inside, there are a variety of nostalgic candies, clothing, reef-safe sunscreen and other great items available for sale.

Dazey Drive In is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. They are currently cash or Venmo only. St. John residents receive 10 percent off. Salty Daze guests, which includes Salt Deck and the Salt & Lime Express, which offers shuttle service to Lime Out, also receives 10 percent off.

(Click here to learn more about the Salt & Lime Express, which bring’s you to the Caribbean’s only floating bar – Lime Out.)

Want to know exactly where Dazey Drive In is located? Click here or visit to see its location, as well as all of St. John restaurant locations.

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  1. Gina

    I want to suggest adding bagged potato chips or pretzels or popcorn to the menu something salty to go with the sweet tings. I always crave salt after something sweet like that. AND, more importantly, it would play off/tie into the SALTY DAZE charter name!! 🙂

  2. Sherri Merrill

    Great Concept!! We had the Salt Deck & the flavors were amazing! Glad you all had just opened when we arrived to STJ, Loved It!!

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