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Where to Park in Cruz Bay – Spaces Currently Limited

There are only three spots reserved for the public, currently, at the ferry dock.

When I cruised by the ferry dock yesterday, I saw that several public parking spaces are now being reserved for taxi parking. This is due to the construction of a new ferry terminal. We now only have three spaces reserved here for public parking, as you can see in the image above.

Additionally, the small, free parking lot near the National Park Visitor Center has been cordoned off due to a women’s softball tournament that begins tomorrow and continues through Sunday. The tournament will feature teams from the USVI, BVI, Curacao, Aruba, Jamaica and St. Maarten. Between the softball tournament and the construction last the ferry dock, we are temporarily down about a dozen or so parking spaces.

Here is where you can currently park in Cruz Bay:

Free Parking

  • Ferry dock: There are three spaces facing the water. The spaces are located to the far right if you are looking at the water.
  • BMV parking lot: This is located beside the tennis courts. The spots against the building are reserved for Bureau of Motor Vehicle customers only.
  • Customs lot: This is located across from the post office.
  • Mongoose Junction: These spots are reserved for customers at Mongoose. There are numerous spots reserved for employees during the day, so look for the unmarked spots.
  • National Park Visitor’s Center: There are numerous spots reserved here for people hiking the Lind Point Trail. You need to go into the center and get a free parking pass for these spots during the daytime.
  • Nature’s Nook: There are a few spots beside and behind Nature’s Nook, which is across from the bulkhead area.
  • National Park dock: These spots are closed as of today, February 28th. They should reopen following the softball tournament, which ends on March 5th.

Paid Parking

  • Gravel lot: This is located near the car barge exit.
  • King Street: This is located across from Lime Inn, and beside Cruz Bay Hotel and Dave & Jerry’s.
  • L&L: This is located beside Extra Virgin Bistro.
  • The Lumberyard: This is the largest paid parking area in Cruz Bay. It is a self service. You can to pay on a website. It is located up the hill from the bulkhead area, which is where the Crown Bay ferry pulls in.
  • Slim’s main lot: This is located along the one-way street after you pass the ferry dock. It is across from Wharfside Village.
  • Slim’s second lot: This is located across from Woody’s and beside Tap & Still.

Still not sure where these locations are? Click here to see Explore STJ’s Logistics Map. It is located at The Logistics Map is a searchable map that includes parking, public restrooms, gas stations, dumpsters, grocery stores and more.

And for those of you who are looking for more information on this week’s softball tournament, here is the complete schedule:

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  1. Tiffany W Polmatier

    If parking lots are full at the beaches, are you allowed to park on the side of the road if your tires aren’t over the line on the road? Do some beaches have designated parking spaces along the road. I’ve read mixed answers and I’m confused.

    • Jenn Manes

      Yes, there are some places, like Trunk Bay for example, where you can park on the side of the road (near the ruin). But there are spots over there with clear no parking signs too. So you have to look for those signs if you’re trying to park on the side of the road.

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