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The Whales are Here!

Steve Simonsen captured this amazing image a few years ago off of St. Thomas.

This is my absolute favorite time of year on St. John. It’s whale season, and they’ve made their annual debut!

I was perusing Facebook the other day when I saw a few conversations about possible whale sightings in the area. Naturally, I got very excited. I checked in with a couple of boat captain friends who confirmed that whales have been spotted in our waters recently. How exciting is that?! And even better? One even shared a few videos with me. They’re quick, but you can see that they are here. I had to pull the sound because they were pretty excited when they saw the whales, and this is a family friendly blog. 🙂 Check it out:

The whales seen in the video we’re spotted near Dog Island, which is located southwest of St. John and beside Little St. James. Here’s a little map:

The whales in the video were spotted near Dog Island.

A big thanks to the folks on Maverick for sharing those videos with me!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this annual occurrence, humpback whales routinely visit our waters each year. They are typically here between January and March, although they have been spotted as late as April over the years. The humpback whales migrate through the Caribbean to our warm waters in the winter months to mate and give birth to their calves. We often see mothers and babies frolicking around St. John. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see!

Another great image taken a few years ago by Steve Simonsen Photography

The whales have been spotted all over, so there isn’t a specific spot to look for them. If you are on a beach or a boat, or even casually sitting at your villa, keep an eye out. I have seen them playing off of Honeymoon Beach. I saw one breach near Tektite on the island’s south side. I even saw a few playing off of the car barge several years back. They can literally be spotted anywhere.

We do not have whale watch cruises here like some spots up north, but if you happen to be on a boat trip over the next couple of months, you may get lucky and see some. And if you do, please email the pics to me! My email is Thank you in advance!



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