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On the Road: Hawksnest to Maho Bay

Visit your favorite north shore spots including Trunk Bay with my latest GoPro video.

For those of you who know me, you know how much I love securing my GoPro to the Jeep and taking fun island videos for all of you. Well I did just that earlier this summer, and I’m excited to share it today. I labeled some of my favorite spots during the video too, so you can use this as a handy little guide to check out your favorite places along the north shore.

This video clocks in at just under 16 minutes, which is long, I know. Below the video is a quick reference list of some of your favorite places and the time they pop up in the video. You can save some time by checking it out that way if you prefer. Or you can grab yourself another coffee (or heck, make yourself a cocktail!), pop on your favorite island tunes, and enjoy 16 minutes of paradise. 🙂 Have fun!

You can find this video and all of my videos at

  • Hawksnest parking area: :05
  • Gibney Cottages property: 1:31
  • Oppenheimer: 1:48
  • View across Hawksnest Bay: 2:13
  • Easter Rock: 2:23
  • Peace Hill parking area: 2:47
  • Jumbie: 3:21
  • Trunk Bay overlook: 4:28
  • Trunk Bay parking area: 5:38
  • Trunk Bay switchbacks: 6:11
  • Peter Bay: 6:53
  • Upper Peter Bay: 7:04
  • Road to Catherineberg: 8:26
  • Cinnamon Bay entrance: 9:39
  • Cinnamon Bay sugar factory: 10:42
  • Maho Bay overlook: 12:50
  • Maho Crossroads: 14:34
  • Reef2Peak: 14:52
  • Maho Bay (turtle side): 15:49
Go of the beaten path, visit beautiful beaches, explore St. John’s rich history & so much more.


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    • islandtidbits

      Absolutely, and thank you! I plan to take one coming down Bordeaux at some point and will definitely point out Villa Celeste! You have such an amazing view!

  1. Linda

    We have done this drive over and over for many years. Your drive looks so easy, straight and hill less! Where is the 90 degree up a steep hill scary turn that I like to avoid do we didn’t go there last year? Thank you for the ride along, Loved it!

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