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A Slow Return to Normalcy…

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I am so sorry that I’ve been absent for a bit, but we’ve been dealing with some stuff over here at the Explore STJ household. I’ve always been brutally honest with you all, so here’s what’s been happening.

On December 22nd, I flew up to Connecticut to spend the holidays with my family. My son and his father were already up in Connecticut. (We have a small house there.) Less than 36 hours after landing, I learned that the woman who was babysitting Dalton was exposed to Covid and tested positive. (I tested negative upon landing that Tuesday.) She never told us she was exposed, and she never told us she felt the need to get tested. She watched Dalton for three more days while awaiting her test results. Pretty infuriating.

About six hours after she notified us that she was positive, Dalton started showing signs of Covid. Within hours, he struggled to breathe. When we should have been eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival, we watched Dalton gasp for air. He tested positive the next day.

Dalton on Christmas Eve in CT

Dalton’s father and I started showing symptoms that weekend as well. Covid is a strange thing, I’ve learned, because the symptoms can vary so drastically. Dalton and his father both had coughs and had issues breathing at times. Dalton had a high fever as well. I’ve been lucky in that my breathing has remained fine. Instead, I’ve had some pretty intense stomach pain and zero appetite.

Dalton’s father tested positive the same day Dalton did. I tested positive a few days later. Since then, both Dalton’s father and I have lost our sense of smell and our taste has been affected too. As of today, Sunday, January 3rd, all three of us feel great.

So we’ve essentially been living the quarantine life up here in Connecticut since Christmas. Instacart is a pretty amazing thing, I’ve learned! 🙂 We were supposed to fly home yesterday, but had to postpone that until we are cleared to travel by the CT Department of Health. Dalton’s last day of quarantine is today; Mike and I have two more days to go. The bright side: Connecticut is expecting a few inches of snow today, so that should be fun to see.

I am so excited to return to the island with my family, and I am excited to resume my island tours. I am also excited to announce that Mike and I, along with our good friend Dan, are launching a new restaurant delivery service upon our return called STJ To Go. It will be very similar to Uber Eats in that you can order your meal and beverages online through and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. I am super, super excited about this! We launched a Facebook page, so please go over and give us a like. You can find it at

Well, that’s all I have to share today. If you feel safe coming to the island in the near future, I would love to show you around! And if you are waiting for the vaccine to travel or simply waiting for things to feel a little more normal, I totally get it. We will be waiting for you when you decide the time is right for you. Happy New Year everyone. xoxo

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  1. Bonnie Bauer

    Hello, Jan. I am very sorry that you and your precious family experienced covid while in Connecticut and awaiting Santa’s arrival. It is a happy new year that all of you have recovered and will soon be able to travel back to the island. Enjoy some fun in the snow knowing that island paradise will be waiting for you when you return to STJ. No doubt your new restaurant delivery service will be well received by residents and guests on island. Best wishes! Safe travels and happy New Year.

  2. Dawn Thompson

    Happy New Year Jenn! So sorry y’all got covid , how scary for your precious boy! Glad everything is better now ! We wanted to come back in late February for my bday but we probably will stay put😞😷
    I’m waiting on covid results right now as I write this myself….ugh
    Take care Don & Dawn

  3. Todd

    If you can document this abject reckless behavior I would bring a law suit against the damned (—–) who spread the Covid and go on any and all social media (like nextdoor) and out her so others can be aware. I certainly hope you will never use her services again!

  4. Lynn Schaefer

    Thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear about your Covid experience, but extremely happy you have all 3 recovered. Continue to take good care. Best of luck with the new business! Sending you our thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful 2021.


  5. Molly

    I haven’t even met you, but can we be friends?! You are just an amazing person. I’m an owner at the Westin (we bought last year) and hope to utilize both of your businesses next time we visit! Keep being phenomenally human!

  6. Alison

    Hey Jenn- thanks for sharing your covid experience, how infuriating. I’m glad you all are feeling better now and have a nice, safe place to finish out your quarantine. We’re so looking forward to seeing you guys on island (hopefully) this year and trying out STJ To Go! Fantastic idea, I know it’ll be great!

  7. Linda Goodell

    Well, Happy New Year, Jenn. You really know how to close out the old year! Like all, I am so relieved that you are all on the mend. Sure hope your sense of taste and smell return soon. Would be a shame if you couldn’t taste any of those tropical libations! I am thrilled about your news and new business venture!! We will surely be taking advantage of your service when we arrive in May! Hey, enjoy the snow – I know Dalton will! Happy New Year!
    Linda G.

  8. Joyce Handley

    Jen, I am sorry you all had to go through that experience. But, I sure am glad to hear you all are well and will soon head home to Paradise. We are scheduled to come back in June with our daughter and her family. Your news just solved a concern we have regarding going out to eat. STJToGo is so exciting! Our concern is solved! Stay safe and here’s hoping for great success with STJToGo! Happy New Year! Joyce and Lee

  9. Vickie

    So sorry that you had to go thru having Covid, hope you continue to feel fine, have no after effects, & get back to beautiful, peaceful STJ very soon. Good luck on the food delivery service that your husband & friend are starting there!

  10. Debbie in Indiana

    Thanks for sharing your story. So sorry you all had Covid. Thanking God that you are fine now. Glad Dalton can enjoy the snow, but it will be great for you all to get back home to our beloved St. John. Take care and stay well and safe.

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