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Virtual Tours

Virtual Property Tours

Jenn Manes, owner of Explore STJ and the former owner of News of St. John, is now offering virtual property tours on St. John. Together we can make your property stand out among the competitive St. John market by providing potential guests and/or buyers the opportunity to walk through your entire villa, condo, parcel or business.

What is a Virtual Tour? 

Explore STJ’s Virtual Tours are created using 360-degree photography. When the 360-degree images are combined, it allows viewers to feel as it they are physically walking through a property (but virtually, of course!). These virtual tours include multimedia elements, creating a truly immersive user-end experience. Click here to check out a Virtual Tour we created for Anole, a four bedroom villa located in Catherineberg, and see for yourself.

Benefits of a Virtual Tour

  • A recent Google survey found that people would be twice as interested in booking a vacation property if it included a virtual tour.
  • Virtual tours have the potential to reduce traveler inquiries about your property, resulting in faster booking times.
  • Virtual tours keep consumers on websites five to 10 times longer, leading to increased web traffic and customer retention, as well as increased sales.
  • Real estate listings that include virtual tours receive 87 percent more page views than those without, according to
  • Return on investment for virtual tours is estimated at being less than four weeks.

These statistics demonstrate just how big an impact a virtual tour can have on your villa rental and/or property for sale. Explore STJ can create virtual tours for vacation rentals, businesses and properties for sale. All virtual tours are 100% customizable and can be updated at anytime.

Interested in creating a virtual tour for your property? Please contact Jenn at or (203) 376-3786.

Check out Explore STJ’s Virtual Tour of Bismarkia, a beautiful two-bedroom home in Fish Bay. Bismarkia is available as a vacation rental and is also listed for sale.