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Spend the Day at Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay

Looking to spend the day at a beach on St. John? Prefer a larger, less crowded beach? Want a spot that has food and drinks for sale? How about a real restroom, as opposed to the typical National Park ones that lack running water? Then Cinnamon Bay is the way to go! I spent the day there yesterday, and it was perfect in every way!

Cinnamon Bay is located within the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John’s spectacular North Shore. It’s located just four-and-a-half miles from the ferry dock, and the ride out there takes about 15 minutes or so. It’s an easy beach to taxi to, too. The cost for a taxi for groups of two or more is $11 per person, per way. The cost is $14 per person, per way for people traveling alone. (Click here to view all of the island’s taxi rates.)

The taxi drop off and pick up area at Cinnamon Bay.

For those of you who plan to drive to Cinnamon Bay, there are two large parking lots. This means that you can leave your house a little later in the morning in order to secure a spot. Trunk Bay, in comparison, has a very small lot, so you have to get out there pretty early if your heart is set on going to that beach on any particular day.

The main parking area at Cinnamon Bay
The second lot at Cinnamon Bay

One downside (for some) at Cinnamon Bay is that there is a longer walk to the beach. It is a paved driveway, but it takes about five minutes to walk from the parking lots down to the beach. It’s only about three minutes from the taxi area.

The walk to the beach at Cinnamon Bay.

There is a great little camp store that you will pass on your left as you walk down to the beach. It has a variety of snack and cold drinks, as well as a lot of great souvenirs. But the best part? It has cold AC! It’s a great place to escape the heat during these steamy days.

The camp store at Cinnamon Bay
The camp store at Cinnamon Bay

As you walk down the driveway, you will pass the food and beverage area on your left, and the restroom building on your right. Cinnamon Bay does not provide showers to day guests; however there is a spigot where you can wash the sand off your feet after your beach day.

Cinnamon Bay offers a variety of beach rentals.
There is a beach cafe at Cinnamon that serves food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.
The restroom building is across from the food area. The water spigot is located here, too.

The beach rental hut is located just a bit further on your left. This is the area where you can pick up chairs, paddle boards and other fun beach items.

Beach rentals pickup area

As you arrive at the beach, you will notice the remnants of an old building. This building, which was destroyed during Hurricane Irma in 2017, was the oldest Danish-built building on St. John. It dates back to 1680, which is pretty neat. Today, it makes for a beautiful picture.

The Danish building at Cinnamon Bay
The front of the Danish building at Cinnamon Bay

And now, you’ve arrived at the beautiful Cinnamon Bay beach!

Cinnamon Bay tends to be a wavier beach, so keep that in mind if you are visiting with small children or elderly adults. It’s one of the windier beaches too, so it can be a challenge keeping your Neso tent standing.

There is some snorkeling at Cinnamon Bay, too, but it can be more challenging due to the almost-constant presence of winds. There are a variety of corals and fish around Cinnamon Cay, although some of the better stuff is on the backside of the cay. Only experienced snorkelers should try this, and I always recommend bringing a noodle or wearing a life jacket.

And lastly, there is a campground located at Cinnamon Bay, which provides some of the most affordable accommodations on St. John. Click here to read an older post that details the offerings at the Cinnamon Bay campground. 

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