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New Website Shows You Exactly Where to Snorkel & Details What You’ll See

Well this is pretty cool, folks. For those of you who enjoy snorkeling, there is a great new website that tells you exactly where you can find great snorkeling spots within the Virgin Islands National Park. Plus, it even tells you what you will see at each location. How fun is that?!

Friends of Virgin Islands National Park just launched the “Plan Your Snorkel” website and app, which is an easy-to-use guide to exploring the underwater world around St. John. Whether you are brand new to snorkeling or a seasoned pro, I’m pretty certain you will find this app useful.

As you can see in the image above, you can search based on a variety of factors, including difficulty, time needed, how to access the location (car, boat, etc.) and features like coral, turtles and more. As an example, I clicked that I wanted an easy snorkel and to see turtles. Not surprisingly, Maho and Francis bays came up as the two options. Here is the search result with an abundance of details:

Click to enlarge

Looking for something more challenging? Want to see an abundance of fish? I checked off a couple of boxes, and here is the result:

Click to enlarge

Very cool stuff.

The Plan Your Snorkel website is completely free. Click here to view it. There is also a free app. The only caveat with both is that you will need wifi to access this tool. You can always take screenshots prior to heading out if you think wifi may be an issue.

Want to learn more about some of these snorkel spots? Take an island tour with me! I only have two available spots this week, so please reach out sooner than later. Learn more about my island tours at

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Karen

    Wow! This is fantastic. Definitely worth making a donation to Friends for creating this thorough and informative app and offering it free to the public.

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