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Island Update: Closures, Thunder, Lightning & more!

It’s a soggy day in Fish Bay. (Deck railings soon come!)

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday. I had a great story planned for today, but that went out the window when we lost power and internet last night. 👀 So I’m going to post a little island update instead.

As I mentioned yesterday, there was a ton of rain forecasted for yesterday and today. Luckily it held off until about 6 p.m., but then it came down with a vengeance. It was on and off monsoon rains here in Fish Bay, which is located about 15 minutes from Cruz Bay on St. John’s south side. We also had crazy thunder and lightning, which is very unusual for St. John. At one point, I asked Mike if I thought we’d lose power. He said no and not even five minutes later, we were in the dark. A psychic, he is not! haha

We didn’t have power, which means no internet either at our house, for about two hours. Both of our generators decided they didn’t want to work, so that was fun. (You all sense my sarcasm, right??) I plan to shop for a whole-house backup generator later today. 🙂 If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me!

It’s raining again now, and it’s supposed to continue on and off all day.

All schools on the island are closed today. (So if you head over to The Beach Bar or watch its webcam, you may catch a glimpse of my son helping daddy at work for a bit this morning.) Lime Out is closed. Windmill Bar is closed. Miss Lucy’s is closed. Sweet Shack is closed. Pizza Pi is closed. Trivia at Johnny Lime is cancelled. The kitchen at Sun Dog is closed. Maho Crossroads was closed yesterday, but I hear they are opening back up today despite the rainy weather.

I assume that the bars and restaurants will be busy, yet again, today. Skinny’s was packed when I stopped there with my island tour guests yesterday. I want to give a public shout-out to the staff at Skinny’s for always treating my tour guests so well when we visit. A big thanks to everyone, but especially to Mary. 🙂

There has got to be an amazing waterfall flowing beside the petroglyphs at Reef Bay. If you are adventurous enough to head down there today, please send me pics and videos! There should also be one on the side of the road just past Cinnamon Bay en route to Maho.

And again, if you are stateside, you can always see what’s happening here by checking out our webcams at

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Brian

    I’m not sure about availability in the USVI, but we installed a Generac whole house generator 3 years ago. It runs off propane tanks–we don’t have natural gas at hour house. Fantastic addition!!

    We have well/septic so when we don’t have power, we don’t have water, in addition to no power.

    Only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!

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