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Two New North Shore Webcam Views!

I know how much you all love a good webcam, and there are two new ones to add to your list!

The folks over at La Jolla Caribe in Catherineberg have not one, but two live webcams! The first shows a northwest view from the property. You can see the Peter Bay neighborhood in the bottom left portion of the screen, and the east ends of Lovango and Congo in the middle left. Little Tobago and Great Tobago (both British) are on the horizon line in the middle. The west side of Jost (British) is on the horizon line on the right, and the west side of Whistling Cay is just below that. Check it out:

The northeast webcam view shows a portion of Cinnamon Bay beach and Cinnamon Cay. You can see Whistling Cay in it entirely (the island thats shaped like a turtle). Jost is the island top left. You can see a portion of Great Thatch (British) in front of that, and Mary Point (St. John) in front of that. Tortola and Little Thatch (British) are in the top left side of the screen. Check it out:

(I previously added the second webcam to our webcam page, but the link was changed, so it stopped working.)

I added both of these views to Explore STJ’s webcam page. I also updated the webcam streaming from Lovango Resort & Beach Club. That’s a great one because you can hear the waves. You can check that out 24/7 and all of Explore STJ’s webcams at

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