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St. John Island Tours & Travel Guide

Whether this is your first visit to the island or if you’re a repeat guest, I guarantee you will see something new & exciting. 

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My name is Jenn Manes, and I live here on St. John. I started conducting island tours several years ago, and the reception has been great! I absolutely love this island, and I love sharing that love with all of you.

A bit about your tour…

You may be wondering what makes Explore STJ different from the other island tours. Well for starters, we are the only St. John-based island tour that’s conducted in a Jeep Wrangler. That means we have the ability to offer a more personalized experience, plus we’re proud to work in a place we call home. Another difference is that I will take guests pretty much anywhere they want to go. I enjoy taking guests off the beaten path and to out-of-the-way spots that they would typically never see. I can only take up to four guests in my Jeep and I never combine groups, so it’s a more private and personal tour. When I am out and about on an island tour, it’s more like I am out with friends. And I love that.

During your ExploreSTJ island tour, we will do a little sightseeing – St. John has some of the most beautiful views in the world! We will check out some of the island’s stunning beaches – who doesn’t want to dip their toes in our beautiful Caribbean waters?! We can stop at one or more of the island’s sugar plantation ruins, and we can even do some hiking if you’d like. All of my island tours are completely customizable, so we will do exactly what you want during your full or half day tour. I can guarantee some sea turtles sightings, and we usually stumble on some of the island’s most beloved residents – our donkeys! I will share some of the island’s rich history along the way, and I can also tell you all about the current happenings here on St. John. But most importantly, we will have fun!

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